The story behind Red Rock Candle Co.

The story behind Red Rock Candle Co.

Hey, hi, hello! šŸ‘‹šŸ¼ We thought it would be great to introduce ourselves and share our story about how our small home fragrance business started.

To take it way back, my husband Nick and I are both originally from a surrounding suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. We met in middle school and dated on & off for most of high school but were always drawn to each other. We became serious toward the end of high school and our relationship continued after. We essentially had grown up together and bonded over the fact that we both always felt like there was more to life than the little town we grew up in.

In 2015, my mom got an amazing job opportunity in Utah. When she told me, I vividly remember googling things about Utah as it wasn't a state you hear about very often. I was amazed at the photos of the different landscapes and intrigued by the adventure. I encouraged my mom to follow her dreams and take the job. As Nick and I had been together for a few years at that point, my parents extended the invitation for our cross country move to him as well. The way that everything had worked out made me a firm believer that the universe had bigger plans and this was all supposed to happen exactly as it was.

We made our move to Utah in July of 2016. It was both frightening and exciting. We spent our first few years here in Utah exploring, going to college & just finding ourselves. One of the first places we went when we moved here was Zion National Park. We were amazed by the red rocks and vastness. It really put things into perspective and makes you realize how tiny you and your problems are. The following year, we went to Moab for the first time. This is the place we both fell immediately in love with. The red rocks, arches, canyons, it was all so surreal. It felt like another planet and home all at once.

In 2021, still in such odd times after the world had shut down, I was at home, & looking for things to do. I have never really had one single hobby. I sort of dabbled into different things here and there. I got a single candle kit online and made my very first candle. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I became obsessed with different scents, wax, jars, etc. I didn't realize how much research and testing there would be but the wheels began turning and Nick encouraged me to go for it & make it a business. I just had finished college and felt a bit lost so, again, universe just working out in the weirdest yet best ways.

When it came to the vision for our business, we really wanted to include our own personal journey. The history of us, the move to Utah, the mindset shift we have both had from getting out of our comfort zones, the growth both as individuals & a couple, the breathtaking places we've seen, it was all apart of the vision we had for our brand. Thus, Red Rock Candle Co. was born! While some may see it as just home fragrance products, to us it is so much more than that and we really hope that translates into our products.

Thanks to hard work and the endless support from our families & friends, Red Rock Candle Co. is what it is today & growing! We're so excited to see what is in store.

We hope that sharing our story can help you get to know us & our business better or even inspires you to take a risk, make that move or start that business!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time.

šŸ¤Ž Brianna

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